Tommy John Ehman - Like Father; Like Son


Track Listing

  1.  Little Piece Of Dirt
  2.  Intro: (Like Father; Like Son)
  3.  Like Father; Like Son
  4.  We Are The People
  5.  Seeds
  6.  My Daddy's Land
  7.  Kings And Queens (Love Is A Combine)
  8.  Massey Ferguson All Night Combine Blues
  9.  My Ground
  10.  I Like To Eat
  11.  Dirt Roads And Combine Dust
  12.  Cowboy Ride Away
  13.  Dusty Road
  14.  Could You Leave All This Behind


A note from Tommy John Ehman about "Like Father; Like Son" 

This new CD, LIKE FATHER; LIKE SON, is about rural and farm families and their lives. I think we just want to raise some awareness about just how important they are. They supply us with the food that we eat!! Safe and affordable. There are many people in this world who do not have this luxury and it should not be taken for granted. Imagine for one moment what it would be like to not know that there was an abundance of food to feed your family. When I think of this I get an uneasy feeling in my stomach. It would be truly a scary situation. Millions of people around the world face this dilemma every day.
Take a moment to think again how lucky we are to have these men and women doing this great work for us all right here in our own back yard and hopefully we can spread our good fortune to those who are
less fortunate than us.

God Bless the Farmers!